FREE Festival
Santa Barbara Festival Family Fun for all at Chase Palm Park!  Food, Beer&Wine, Games, Face-painting, Music and Dancing!  Dolphin Races done throughout the day.  



Santa Barbara Sunrise Rotary Club is always looking for new members to join us in our important mission. The generosity of our sponsors combined with our powerful cause has helped us continue to serve the local community and thrive and help others throughout the world. If you haven’t already adopted dolphins for our upcoming event, we hope you do so.
To learn more about getting involved and how we support the community, click the link below.  

How to help
Adopt as many dolphins as you like to enter into the race or PURCHASE dolphins to keep. Tell all your friends about it and share the website!. 

Festival award winner
Your Dolphins will be raced at the Dolphin Dive Charity Event and the lucky winner will be announced.  You do not need to be present to win. 

Rotary Club Community School Event.png

​Latest project 

Sunrise volunteers began delivering dictionaries to more than 600 third-grade students at Santa Barbara schools. The goal of the Dictionary Project is to have a positive impact on education and to empower children to become skillful communicators and resourceful learners. For many young students, this dictionary is the first book that they have ever owned as theirs alone.